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Changelog KeyHelp® WHMCS-Module

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Latest Version

v1.1.2 - Released on February 15, 2024




- The module now also transfers the language set for the customer in WHMCS to the account on the KeyHelp® server upon creation (if the language is also available on the KeyHelp® server).
- The module's configuration file allows setting a custom username for the account creation on the KeyHelp® server instead of the username suggested by WHMCS.
The configuration file contains examples for the "first letter of the first name and last name of the customer" or "last name of the customer" variants. Email addresses are not possible, as KeyHelp® does not allow this as a username.


Previous Versions

v1.1.1 - Released October 31rd, 2023




- As WHMCS admin I can decide per hosting package in the module settings of the product if a "System Domain" should be created on the KeyHelp® server for the user. This way the user can already open his website via the system domain, even if no domain has been created yet. 


v1.1.0 - Released August 3rd, 2023




- Improved Handling of Multiple KeyHelp® Servers
- Opening SSO Login in a New Window
- Controlling Module Functions via Configuration File
- Displaying the Domain DKIM Keys
- Displaying Storage and Traffic Usage from KeyHelp® in WHMCS



v1.0.6 - Released February 15th, 2023




- License check for maximum number of manageable customer accounts



v1.0.5 - Released November 6th, 2022




- Support for WHMCS 8.6
- Support for PHP 8.1 in conjunction with WHMCS 8.6



v1.0.4 - Released September 24th, 2022




- Show License Usage on Server Side
- Extend license system by maximum number of customers



v1.0.3 - Released July 21st, 2022




- Optimize license check


Bug fixing


- Overlay of two menu items


v1.0.2 - Released July 5th, 2022




- Advanced resource checking
- Add storage space as an add-on to the package


Bug fixing


- Admin: Switching to advanced mode faulty
- Memory specification in module ≠ KeyHelp result

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