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Changelog KeyHelp® WHMCS-Module

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Latest Version

v1.1.0 - Released October 31rd, 2023




- As WHMCS admin I can decide per hosting package in the module settings of the product if a "System Domain" should be created on the KeyHelp® server for the user. This way the user can already open his website via the system domain, even if no domain has been created yet. 


Previous Versions

v1.1.0 - Released August 3rd, 2023




- Improved Handling of Multiple KeyHelp® Servers
- Opening SSO Login in a New Window
- Controlling Module Functions via Configuration File
- Displaying the Domain DKIM Keys
- Displaying Storage and Traffic Usage from KeyHelp® in WHMCS



v1.0.6 - Released February 15th, 2023




- License check for maximum number of manageable customer accounts



v1.0.5 - Released November 6th, 2022




- Support for WHMCS 8.6
- Support for PHP 8.1 in conjunction with WHMCS 8.6



v1.0.4 - Released September 24th, 2022




- Show License Usage on Server Side
- Extend license system by maximum number of customers



v1.0.3 - Released July 21st, 2022




- Optimize license check


Bug fixing


- Overlay of two menu items


v1.0.2 - Released July 5th, 2022




- Advanced resource checking
- Add storage space as an add-on to the package


Bug fixing


- Admin: Switching to advanced mode faulty
- Memory specification in module ≠ KeyHelp result

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