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How do I install the module?

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The installation can be completed in a few simple steps:


1. Download the module archive from the customer menu and extract it locally on your PC/Laptop.
2. Upload the module to your WHMCS installation.
3. Go to the WHMCS Admin Backend, click on Setup → Server.
4. Create a new server group, e.g., with the name "Keyhelp."
5. Add a new server and choose "Keyhelp" as the module.
6. Fill in the fields Name, Hostname, and IP Address with the values of your KeyHelp® server.
7. In the server details, fill in the Username with your license key from our customer menu.
8. In the server details, fill in the Password with the API key of the KeyHelp® server you want to use.


You can add the API key in KeyHelp® under "Configuration → API → API Keys."
Please ensure that API access is set to "Enabled" in KeyHelp® so that the API can receive and respond to requests.


9. Enable SSL mode for a secure HTTPS connection between WHMCS and your KeyHelp® server.


If you need assistance with the setup, we offer our installation service.

Feel free to contact us through our contact form for more information.

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