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What is the KeyHelp® WHMCS module capable of?

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KeyHelp® is a well-known free server control panel developed by Keyweb AG.

Through the API interface available in KeyHelp®, our WHMCS module can directly communicate with one or more KeyHelp® servers.


The module supports the following actions:

- Customer Area: Create / Modify / Delete one or more domains for a customer account
- Customer Area: Create / Modify / Delete email mailboxes (POP3, IMAP)
- Customer Area: Create / Modify / Delete email addresses (aliases)
- Customer Area: Create / Modify / Delete MySQL databases
- Customer Area: Create / Modify / Delete FTP users
- Customer Area: Create / Modify / Delete SSL certificates (including Let's Encrypt SSL certificates)


- Customer Area + Admin Area: Single Sign-On (SSO) login is possible for both customers and admins

- Admin Area: Display and utilize server load information in WHMCS (e.g., to define the maximum number of customers per server)


- Order Process: Overwrite disk space using "Configurable Option."

You can either completely customize the disk space or add additional space to the existing package (e.g., as an add-on)


- System: WHMCS Create / Suspend / Unsuspend / Terminate / Change Package / Change Client Password functions are available directly within the customer/product.

- System: Manually assign existing accounts on the KeyHelp® server to a WHMCS customer/product.

- System: Use "Usage Update":

- System: Use "Usage Metrics":


The module is continuously updated and adapted to new versions of the KeyHelp® Control Panel and WHMCS.

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