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In which data center are your servers located?

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Our infrastructure is located in the ISO 27001 certified data center of myLoc managed IT AG in Düsseldorf. The data center guarantees us a network availability of 99.9% through a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and ensures low Round Trip Time and Packet Loss.


Security is ensured by 24/7 camera surveillance, 24/7 on-site security provided by an external security service, a logged access system with card readers, and multi-level access control (site, building, cage).

The entire data center operates on 100% green energy.


For fire protection, highly sensitive smoke detectors are directly linked to the firefighting unit, and an Argon gas extinguishing system is in place to flood the facility in case of a fire.

Our rack is fully air-conditioned with cooling through raised floors, maintaining a room temperature/cold aisle temperature of 20 - 28°C. It is protected against water and splash water (IP code, EN 60529) and is dustproof (IP code, EN 60529).


A separate, protected environment houses an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system to bridge power supply during any failure in the redundant connection to the public power grid.

In case of an extended outage, a diesel generator can take over the power supply from the UPS and sustain it for 72 hours without refilling the tank.


The myLoc managed IT AG operates its own IP network with multiple fiber connections connecting the network nodes in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam. Redundant routers and fiber connections ensure highly available access to all major carriers and exchange points.

Our rack is equipped with a DE-CIX port, providing a direct connection to the most important internet exchange points.

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