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How long does the provisioning take?

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When you order a product or service from us, you will receive all relevant order information and the invoice via email immediately after placing the order.
Once you have paid the invoice using one of our real-time payment methods and the payment has been successfully confirmed, our system will set up the ordered product within a few minutes, and you will also receive the login details via email.
If you do not receive your login details within 15 minutes after payment, please contact us.


Our ordering system verifies each order based on various criteria to prevent fake and false orders. If our system identifies your order as a potential false order, automatic setup will not be carried out.
In such cases, an employee must review and approve the order before activation. Normally, this process takes only a few minutes, but on weekends, it may take a few hours.
Our ordering system will notify you of the manual review in such cases, so you can see if your order has been flagged for manual review.

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