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How can I cancel?

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It's a pity that you want to cancel. Did we do something wrong? Can we improve?

We would like to know more about the reasons for your cancellation. Just send us a message via our contact form and we'll work together to find a solution.

If you do want to cancel, you can easily do this yourself via our customer menu.
Simply click on the service you would like to cancel and select the menu item "Cancellation" in the menu on the left.
Please enter a short reason for your cancellation and select when you would like to cancel the service.
You can choose between "Immediately" and "At the end of the billing period".

Immediately means that we will terminate and cancel the service immediately. Any premiums already paid will not be refunded.
At the end of the billing term means that we will terminate the service at the end of the already paid term and you will not receive a new invoice for the renewal.

As an alternative to the customer menu, we also offer cancellation via our cancellation form.

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